Smart USB XT extension

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Increase the reach of your USB cables with SMART’s USB extender. Each extender increases a cable’s reach by 16′ (5 m), up to a maximum of 64′ (20 m). View specifications.

Smart USB-XT 16′ (5 m) USB Active Extension Cable is used for the Smart Board SB680, SB685, SB885IX3, SB880IX3, SB885E, SBX885, SB880E, SBX880, SBM685IX3, SBM680IX3, SBM680VIV2, SBM685E, SBM685, SBM680E, SBM680, SBM685V, SBM680V whiteboards.

Smart brand supplies works best for your Smart whiteboards and make using Smart USB active extension cables make them last longer.


Κωδικός προϊόντος: USB-XT


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