SMART Board® interactive flat panels

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 16.13.53Εφηύραμε τον Διαδραστικό Πίνακα SMART Board. Τώρα τον ανακαλύπτουμε ξανά.

The 6000 and 4000 series are built with the best in touch and collaboration technology. Over 20 years of innovation in education has produced interactive flat panels that just work. Teachers can spend more time being teachers.

Φυσικότητα και έμπνευση

With multi-touch capabilities and the software that teaches the world, students access tools made for learning.

Κατασκευασμένα να αντέχουν

Never pay for projector maintenance again. SMART Board interactive flat panels are built to withstand any classroom environment, providing years of stunning content quality and reliable service.

Η απόλυτη εμπειρία διδασκαλίας

Premium features like Silktouch™ and SMART ink™ combine to offer the most natural, most responsive collaborative learning experience ever.

Powered by SMART Learning Suite

This suite of software gives you three of the world’s best education software tools, so students, teachers and devices can all connect to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.





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