i3 Board 100″ Duo Surface

i3BOARD 1004 T10 DUO

i3-board-100Compared to traditional whiteboards, the i3BOARD includes several unique features. Other than

stylus and finger touch recognition, the precise and reliable V-Sense touch technology design allows

multi-user interaction up to 10 simultaneous touches.

The ultra-narrow aluminium frame gives the i3BOARD a sleek appearance and makes maintenance

easy, lowering the long term total cost of ownership.


EXTENDED WARRANTY Up to 5 years. Only valid after registration on www.i3-learning.com



REGISTER FOR FREE ON www.i3learnhub.com


• Touch recognition: Finger, stylus or any other pen or finger shaped object

• High response speed

• i3Duo Surface: The optimized whiteboard surface with superior projection, writing & dry erasing capabilities


• Wide screen 100 inch

• Up to 10 touch points

• Ultranarrow 24mm frame

• Platform independent, a perfect match for any education software


• Easy maintenance

• Standard wall-mount included

• Dust resistant V-Sense touch technology

• Lifetime warranty on ceramic steel surface



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